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August 09, 2013
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July 28, 2013
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Sexy Men. James Lafferty. From One Tree Hill to Oculus. Today, Yareah Magazine has chosen actor James Lafferty as sexy man of this wonderful Sunday.

James Lafferty has played the role of Nathan Scott in the TV series One Tree Hill from 2003 to 2012. Wooow! 182 episodes in a lead role and 4 even directing. The series concluded on April 4, 2012, and now James Lafferty has other projects. The movies Lost on Purpose, Crisis, Sam and Citizen Soldiers. In 2014, he will play as Michael in the horror movie Oculus, directed by Mike Flanagan.

Anyway, and in spite of the nature of his characters, he is a good boy, who supports different charity causes and of course, really sexy!


“It is definitely a challenge to play Nathan, but the more different he is from myself, the more interesting the character becomes for me.”

“My New Year’s resolution is to stick to a good workout plan that will keep me healthy and happy.”

“My advice to an aspiring actor would be to never stop learning or working for what you want. Nothing comes easy, ever, if you want something, you have to work for it. By working for it I mean work on your craft, learn from people who have something to teach. It’s just like anything else, practice makes perfect.”

“Fourth of July. I always have the most fun on the Fourth of July. You don’t have to exchange any gifts. You just go to the beach and watch fireworks. It’s always fun.”

Source: Yareah Magazine

July 25, 2013
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Today is James’ 28th birthday! Wish you a great day with your loved ones!

June 05, 2013
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June 04, 2013
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When we got our Save the Date cards for the wedding of Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies) and Roslin Frey (Alexandra Dowling)—aka the Red Wedding, aka the worst wedding of all time—we thankfully did not RSVP in the affirmative. Because last night’s Game of Thrones’ episode had one of the most awful TV marriage ceremonies in the history of the small screen.

But Game of Thrones isn’t the only series to feature a truly disastrous wedding. From car accidents to getting the name of your bride wrong, here are five other terrible TV nuptials:

1. Nathan and Haley, One Tree Hill: Actually, Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley’s (Bethany Joy Lenz) wedding ceremony was perfectly beautiful. It’s what happened after that was a complete disaster. On the way to the airport for their Honeymoon, Nathan and Haley nearly collided with the wedding limo that was being driven by a hysterical Rachel (Danneel Ackles). Fortunately, Nathan swerved just in time to avoid a head-on collision. Unfortunately, the limo carrying Rachel and his uncle Cooper (Michael Trucco) went off a bridge and into the river, trapping them inside as they sank. Nathan, ever the hero, dove off the bridge to rescue them. The episode ended with Nathan, Cooper and Rachel still underwater and Hayley sobbing on the bridge calling for her husband.

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May 18, 2013
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Crisis (formerly known as Untitled Rand Ravich), one of NBC’s five new drama series for next season, features an impressive cast which includes Dermot Mulroney, Gillian Anderson and James Lafferty. The series hails from Ravich & 20th Century Fox Television and follows a US Secret Service agent who finds himself embroiled in an international crisis on his first day on the job. He will need to cross moral and legal lines as he navigates the highest levels of power and corruption on his search for the truth. Want to know more about Crisis? TVWise presents a first look at the new series.

It’s field trip day for the students of Ballard High School, a place that educates the children of Washington, D.C.’s elite, top-of-their-industry CEOs, international diplomats, political power players and even the president’s son. But when their bus is ambushed on a secluded rural road, the teenagers and their chaperones are taken, igniting a national crisis. Now with some of the country’s most powerful parents at the mercy of one vengeful mastermind, the question arises: How far would you go and what would you become to ensure your child’s safe return? With so many parents and dignitaries put into play with nowhere to turn and no one to trust, this unthinkable scenario grows from the select families at risk to an entire nation at stake. From writer/producer Rand Ravich and starring Dermot Mulroney (The Grey), Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), Lance Gross (Tyler Perry’s House of Pain) and Rachael Taylor (Transformers), Crisis is an emotionally charged action thriller.

NBC’s Trailer For Crisis Follows Below:

Source: Patrick Munn @ TVWise

May 17, 2013
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James Lafferty talks about the new NBC show ‘Crisis’ that was recently picked up by the network, and the Olevolos project at the second annual Olevolos project fundraiser on May 11th.

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